Tuesday, July 12, 2005, 11:20 PM
There's a nice looking unrestored Jubilee parked in town in a parking lot. It's got a loader though the bucket isn't there. No blade, but there's some sort of accessory on the back. I stopped in at the three businesses that are right near there and none of them know who it belongs too. There's also a really cool Jeep pickup truck next to it, so apparently someone is selling them or at least temporarily storing his toys there. The guy I bought my Indy from, Trader Craig, has a show on the radio every morning where he reads free ads for people, so I figured maybe he had an ad for it. I missed the show this morning so I stopped in at his store. He wasn't there but I asked his wife about it and she called him for me. He said something about a '52 8n with a loader and blade. I knew that wasn't this one, but I asked the price. "$1500 and it supposedly needs a little work." Whoa! Forget the Jubilee! I figured that had to be wrong though since every Ford I've heard of around here has been $2300 or more. Anyway, he said to stop in at the radio station and look through his pile of ads, which I did. "1952 Ford 8n with front loader, back blade, and tire chains. Needs minor work. $1500. Call after 5."

So now I'm sitting here trying to get work done while visions of tractors dance in my head, waiting for 5:00 to roll around. The lady at the radio station (who we know) said she thinks the ad has been on for a while, so hopefully I can haggle a little.

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