Sunday, July 17, 2005, 02:07 AM
2005-07-03_13-01-43.jpg 2005-07-03_13-02-11.jpg 2005-07-03_13-04-42.jpg
There she is, in all her flakey yellow glory. Very nice tires - a big plus. Someone installed a big ugly hydraulic reservoir on the back.
2005-07-03_13-04-56.jpg 2005-07-03_13-06-19.jpg 2005-07-03_13-08-58.jpg
That's a dirty sediment bowl.
2005-07-03_13-09-40.jpg 2005-07-03_13-10-46.jpg 2005-07-03_13-11-02.jpg
It's only surface rust. The seller put on a new rim.
2005-07-03_13-11-13.jpg 2005-07-03_13-11-25.jpg 2005-07-03_13-12-56.jpg
2005-07-03_13-21-12.jpg 2005-07-03_13-21-41.jpg 2005-07-03_13-22-00.jpg
The pile of implements and accessories for the tractor. The grille is beyond repair, unfortunately.
2005-07-03_13-22-46.jpg 2005-07-03_13-22-56.jpg 2005-07-03_13-23-08.jpg
Nice blade. Ugly but useable bucket. Spring harrow.
2005-07-03_13-23-56.jpg 2005-07-03_13-24-11.jpg 2005-07-03_13-24-39.jpg
The fenders. Plows
2005-07-03_13-26-09.jpg 2005-07-03_13-30-24.jpg 2005-07-03_13-31-04.jpg
Some dents in the hood. It looks like someone installed these solid plates in order to put a bracket on the front of the loader to emulate a three point hitch. If it works, that's a very cool feature!
2005-07-03_13-31-55.jpg 2005-07-04_10-04-55.jpg 2005-07-04_10-05-01.jpg
2005-07-04_10-06-00.jpg 2005-07-04_10-08-02.jpg 2005-07-04_10-08-29.jpg
MY HANDS ARE DIRTY! The fill plug for the loader. I hope it's not too rusty in there.
2005-07-04_10-20-26.jpg 2005-07-04_10-20-45.jpg 2005-07-08_11-53-11.jpg
Dirty fuel filter/sediment bowl.
2005-07-08_13-36-50.jpg 2005-07-08_14-06-06.jpg 2005-07-08_16-21-56.jpg
Cleaned up! New inline filter. I finally got the distributor worked out - thanks Dad and Grandpa!
2005-07-08_16-25-49.jpg 2005-07-08_16-26-08.jpg 2005-07-12_13-21-49.jpg
Old disc harrow that's part of the deal. I still have to go over and free it from the weeds.
2005-07-12_13-21-56.jpg 2005-07-12_13-23-54.jpg 2005-07-14_17-07-22.jpg
That's about 4-5" of rusty sediment in there. Getting cleaner. That's Paul tying down the tractor. Thanks Paul!
2005-07-16_10-47-33.jpg 2005-07-16_10-47-57.jpg 2005-07-16_11-38-18.jpg
The tractor on Paul's road. There's the three point hitch setup I mentioned. I got the bucket installed and moved some gravel!