Problems Spotted
Friday, September 10, 2004, 09:15 PM

I got a good multimeter and checked out the coils and found that they were right on the money which means itís either wiring, or the CDI. As I began inspecting the wiring, I found that one of the wires from the CDI to the ignition coil plug had a bare, sort of mangled spot. The wire appeared to still be connected at that spot, but as I wiggled it, the whole thing pulled out of the plug. I havenít had a chance to fix it yet, but I bet thatís my problem. I removed the CDI so I could fix the wire more easily. I also pulled a wire out of the plug on the ignition coil side so that will also have to be fixed. With all these wires going haywire, I figure Iíd better give it a good once over and replace what I can.

The carb slides are still VERY stuck.

Diagnosing The Problems
Friday, September 10, 2004, 09:13 PM

I went out today to start figuring out what itís gonna take to get her to run. I started by disconnecting the main, or what I think is the main, accessory wiring harness. Still no spark. It might be the CDI, it might be coils, or it might just be wiring, but I had to get the air box and carbs off so I could see what I was dealing with. I started taking the air box off and realized that it wasnít going to be removeable without also taking the carbs off with it. Kind of a bad design I think. I got it off enough that I could see that a mouse had made a nest in there though and that the carb openings were filthy. The carb slides are stuck so I couldnít take the throttle cables off. The carbs were stuck in the boots so I had to pry them a bit before they popped loose. While I was taking the carbs off, one of the chokes broke. The piece that screws into the carb body actually broke off in the middle of the threaded portion. I have no idea how Iíll get the bottom part out since itís still threaded in there, badly corroded, and the choke plunger and spring are preventing me from really getting at it. I have a couple of those parts lying around if I can just figure out how to get this one out. The carbs look filthy on the outside and in the throats and the slides are stuck in there hard too. I managed to get one out after a little soaking with liquid wrench, but the other two are stuck. I took the one apart and to my surprise, I found that it was SPOTLESS inside. It really looks brand new. Actually, I wouldnít even expect a new one to be that clean. Iím hoping that means all the jets are good and the fuel valve still seals. These carbs have a hose coming out of the bottom which I havenít encountered before.

With the carbs off, I was able to see the wiring a little better as well as all the components that are hidden down under there. This sled is definitely not as easy to work on as my Liquifires. Itís nearly impossible to remove the air box and just about everything is hidden way down below it. The CDI box is huge, and it goes to a separate coil for each cylinder. The wiring on the sled as a whole is pretty suspect and the ignition system is no different. One coil wire was totally detached, so that raises some questions about the integrity of the whole thing. After studying my Clymer manual, I now see that what I originally disconnected was an essential part of the ignition system. Once I get the carbs freed up and I can remove them, then I can take a better look at everything and hopefully find the source of the problem.

Along with the tubes that go to the carb fuel bowls, thereís another fuel related thing I donít really understand. The main fuel line from the tank goes into a Y with a valve on it. One side goes off to the fuel pump but the other goes to a smaller tank right next to the oil tank.

The good:
Overall excellent shape
Good compression
Aaen pipes
Good clutches, bearings, track, skis, etc.
The price

The bad:
Missing seat, gas tank
No spark

The ugly:
Huge mouse nest in air box

Sled Bought
Friday, September 10, 2004, 09:11 PM

I bought a new sled today. Itís an Ď87 Indy with a Ď93 hood on it. I wasnít exactly in the market for a new sled (since I already had 6 sitting in my back yard) but I saw this one sitting out at the local junk - I mean stuff - shop and Iíd always figured that if I were to buy a ďnewĒ sled, Iíd buy an Indy. I asked how much it was just out of curiosity and was told that it was $299. I expected it to be $500 or more. I went out and looked at it and found a cool 3 cylinder engine with triple Aaen pipes there. Well, that certainly upped the cool factor for me. I was still nervous about buying it for a few reasons. 1) My hobby money is limited and I need parts for my other sleds, and if I bought this, that would be a big chunk, plus who knows how much money it would take to get it running. 2) My back yard is already full of running and non-running sleds. 3) Iíve always been afraid that if I bought a newer sled, Iíd lose interest in my old ones. I just love old sleds and I donít really have much of an attraction to this Indy as I do to my Liquifires or Panthers, but I have been wanting a more modern suspension for long trail riding. My fear is that once I get a taste of IFS, Iíll be less patient with the old leaf spring suspension. I thought about it for a few days and then decided to offer $200 for it, thinking that if I could get it that cheap, it would trump my other concerns. The guy said no, but if it didnít sell in a few days, heíd lower the price. I waited a few days and asked again and he said heíd sell it for $249 with a new belt and new Woodyís carbides thrown in. Sold!

I decided to try to haul it home with the rusty old trailer that Kyle gave me. Two of the middle members were totally rusted away, but I figured it would be good for a mile or two if I drove carefully. BIG MISTAKE. Once I had the sled loaded on it, I was able to drive about a quarter (very slowly and very carefully) mile before the trailer just totally fell apart. The axle broke in two places and the poor old trailer just crumpled. I managed to pull the sled off and get the sled and the (heavy) trailer off to the side of the road, just as a State Trooper went by. Luckily, he didnít stop. I got my boat trailer and got the sled trailer up on it to get it home. Later, I had my friend Bryan help me get the sled into the back of our minivan and we drove it back to my house. Stupid, stupid, stupid. :)

I really need to stop buying snowmobiles!