First Photos
Monday, September 13, 2004, 07:43 PM

2004-08-26_07-54-51.jpg 2004-08-26_07-55-37.jpg 2004-08-26_07-56-45.jpg
There it is at the shop Now that's cool.
2004-08-26_07-57-13.jpg 2004-08-26_07-57-41.jpg 1.jpeg
Decent track. A mouse Porta-Potty I guess.
3.jpeg 4.jpeg 5.jpeg
Broken wire. Could that be why I don't have spark?
6.jpeg 8.jpeg 9.jpeg
Mouse nest with three walkout suites.
10.jpeg 11.jpeg 12.jpeg
Look how clean! These two are stuck, and stuck good. Some damage to one of the pipes.
13.jpeg 2004-09-09_08-45-53.jpg 2004-09-09_14-36-38.jpg
This is the mouse nest after I removed it from the air box. Gotta teach 'em young. Now you're talkin!
2004-09-09_14-37-37.jpg 2004-09-09_14-37-47.jpg 2004-09-09_14-38-37.jpg
A natural. Now that's not proper snowmobile safety. That's better.
2004-09-09_14-38-50.jpg 2004-09-09_14-39-24.jpg 2004-09-12_12-23-21.jpg
The new seat. It's darker than it looks in the picture.
2004-09-12_12-23-30.jpg 2004-09-12_12-23-59.jpg 2004-09-12_12-24-25.jpg
2004-09-12_12-24-34.jpg 2004-09-12_12-24-49.jpg 2004-09-12_12-25-06.jpg
A little damage on the ski. The left ski must have hit something because it's a little bent in the front. Those mirrors are really nice. I might install them on my other sleds.
2004-09-12_12-25-33.jpg 2004-09-12_12-25-48.jpg 2004-09-12_12-26-14.jpg
I have spark now! Those two wires needed to be fixed.
2004-09-12_12-27-17.jpg 2004-09-12_12-27-28.jpg 2004-09-12_12-27-36.jpg
Still stuck. I've been soaking them for days. The carb cleaner is working its way down
That's my aparartus for positioning the carbs in such a way that I have somewhere to fill it up with carb cleaner. It's all very technical.