XLT Transplant
Monday, February 14, 2005, 08:42 PM
P1070563.JPG P1070564.JPG P1070567.JPG
It looks like I'll need to get a stock Polaris silencer I guess those are the stock carbs. The 600 has VM38s and the XLT uses VM34s. Interesting.
P1070570.JPG P1070571.JPG P1070576.JPG
P1070577.JPG P1070578.JPG P1070579.JPG
That panel is hinged. VERY nice. No need to drill a hole to remove the clutch and it's so much easier to change the belt and get at the other stuff down there. Except for the two ripped out studs and some slight fraying on the edges, the track seriously looks like it's never been used.
P1070580.JPG P1070581.JPG P1070585.JPG
Is that the original suspension? Looks newer than '81 to me. Ripped out stud. That line to the left if it isn't a crack - it's a thin strip of rubber from the mold I guess.
P1070586.JPG P1070588.JPG P1070589.JPG
That one's a little more severe. The washer actually tore the track all the way through. I wonder if I should put a stud back in that spot and turn 45 degrees so it'll kind of hold that section together.
P1070590.JPG P1070593.JPG P1070594.JPG
Pretty banged up Real nice
P1070599.JPG P1070600.JPG P1070603.JPG
I got everything off except for the wiring (which is hard to get at) and the clutch. I need to get an impact wrench to get the clutch off...