Feb 20, 2005
Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 12:03 AM
2005-02-20_12-14-19.jpg 2005-02-20_12-14-26.jpg 2005-02-20_12-14-34.jpg
First stopping point - 10 miles from Ely at the Babbit trail intersection.
2005-02-20_12-16-22.jpg 2005-02-20_12-45-45.jpg 2005-02-20_12-45-51.jpg
2005-02-20_12-46-01.jpg 2005-02-20_12-46-28.jpg 2005-02-20_12-46-36.jpg
A really nice stretch of trail.
2005-02-20_12-56-12.jpg 2005-02-20_12-56-45.jpg 2005-02-20_12-57-00.jpg
2005-02-20_12-57-10.jpg 2005-02-20_14-22-34.jpg 2005-02-20_16-03-46.jpg
Benchwarmers in Tower. This is after most of the sleds had left already.
2005-02-20_16-06-14.jpg 2005-02-20_17-02-18.jpg 2005-02-20_19-20-34.jpg
A little present for Emily.