3/15/02 - Lake One Snowshoeing

I had a wonderful hike at Lake One today. I had planned on going to Moose Lake, but it was packed with dog mushers. Lake One was empty!

2002_0307_204758AA.JPG 2002_0308_184501AA.JPG 2002_0315_135349AA.JPG
Disney is currently suing Foley over his unauthorized use of the name Snow Dog. My snowshoe tracks at Lake One.
2002_0315_140041AA.JPG 2002_0315_140154AA.JPG 2002_0315_140236AA.JPG
2002_0315_140345AA.JPG 2002_0315_140403AA.JPG 2002_0315_140535AA.JPG
2002_0315_140816AA.JPG 2002_0315_140835AA.JPG 2002_0315_141411AA.JPG
Kawishiwi River rapids.
2002_0315_141453AA.JPG 2002_0315_142315AA.JPG 2002_0315_142635AA.JPG
2002_0315_142800AA.JPG 2002_0315_143526AA.JPG 2002_0315_150049AA.JPG
Foley walked in the water but Lucy wouldn't. She just stood on the shore and cried. Lucy strikes a pose.
2002_0315_150219AA.JPG 2002_0315_150518AA.JPG 2002_0315_150557AA.JPG
Neat, huh?
2002_0315_150701AA.JPG ryan_portrait_corrected.jpg

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