Canoeing on Low Lake - 5/17/03

We went canoeing today on Low Lake. We saw suckers spawning and trying to swin upstream in the little creek that flows into the lake, which was very interesting. The weather was beautiful, but it was just a bit windy now and then. Ryan caught a little pike and had a few other hits, but nothing big.

DSCF0002_1.jpg DSCF0005_1.jpg DSCF0006_1.jpg
Suckers spawning in the little creek. They kept trying to swim upstream. There were probably 100 of them.
DSCF0035_1.jpg DSCF0008_1.jpg DSCF0010_1.jpg
They paddled really hard to get over the logs and rocks in the creek. From the back end of the creek, looking out at Low Lake. The Range River, North of Low Lake.
DSCF0011_1.jpg DSCF0014.jpg DSCF0015.jpg
I caught a tiny little pike - my first of the year.
DSCF0019.jpg DSCF0021.jpg DSCF0030_1.jpg
A neat log bridge for snowmobiles and 4 wheelers.

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