January 2002

2001_1225_154022AA.JPG 2001_1228_123049AA.JPG 2001_1228_140810AA.JPG
Christmas Dinner Hanlon Family Isabel
2001_1228_141309AA.JPG 2002_0102_141510AA.JPG 2002_0102_144724AA.JPG
Emily buying her new vacuum. A deserted mall. Only one store is left.
2002_0122_154102AA.JPG 2002_0122_155030AA.JPG 2002_0125_201944AA.JPG
Ryan and his new beard. Coby had some cat-nip.
2002_0125_202022AA.JPG 2002_0128_110610AA.JPG 2002_0130_133127AA.JPG
Coby still feeling the effects. A snow and frost covered tree in front of our house.
2002_0130_133443AA.JPG 2002_0130_133509AA.JPG 2002_0130_133550AA.JPG
Bass Lake.
2002_0130_140601AA.JPG 2002_0130_141115AA.JPG
The snow sculptures (before being sculpted) in the park.

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