2002_1009_155711AA.JPG 2002_1009_155844AA.JPG 2002_1009_160931AA.JPG
A trail on our land A view of the creek valley The pups play in the beaver pond
2002_1009_160940AA.JPG 2002_1009_161256AA.JPG 2002_1009_161548AA.JPG
View toward Mud Creek Road from the creek Beaver pond
2002_1009_161728AA.JPG 2002_1009_162708AA.JPG 2002_1009_162728AA.JPG
The creek as it flows toward Vermilion A spot where many beavers have slid across from pond to pond. The land there is actually beaver-made.
2002_1009_163701AA.JPG 2002_1009_163809AA.JPG 2002_1012_154421AA.JPG
A very large cedar that looks a bit sickly to me. This may be our floorboards some day. A cluster of cedars Ryan, Mariah, and Garrett. Or some armed rebels. Not sure which.
2002_1014_083050AA.JPG 2002_1014_173240AA.JPG 2002_1015_142746AA.JPG
A moose on Hwy. 2 Tater likes to eat dead plants and then throw them up later Garrett atop the ski jump in Ely
2002_1015_143326AA.JPG 2002_1015_143820AA.JPG 2002_1019_191038AA.JPG
Another view of the jump. It's way up there. Foley peers skyward at Garrett That's Coby lying ON TOP OF LUCY!
2002_1020_192044AA.JPG DSCF0002.JPG DSCF0003.JPG
There was no room for Foley on the couch, so he figured "If the cats can do it..." One of the clearings on our land
Nice red pine in the middle of the clearing. How these can grow on top of ledge rock is beyond me. A view from the big clearing across a marshy valley All that's left of a once ENORMOUS cedar tree. That stump is probably 3' in diameter.
2002_1026_124733AA.JPG 2002_1026_124831AA.JPG 2002_1026_124914AA.JPG
Ryan and Lucy with the valley in the background
2002_1026_125038AA.JPG 2002_1026_125058AA.JPG 2002_1026_125139AA.JPG
Shot of the slope down toward the valley
This is how Lucy looks most of the time.

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