On Oct. 2nd, we closed on our land and then headed for Osseo, MN (4.5 hours away) for a building materials auction. The stuff we bought was way too big for our van, so we had to go all the way back to Duluth to spend the night at Claire's, and then rent a trailer in Superior to go back for our stuff the next day. We had to drive about 45 mph because the trailer was overloaded. I kind of didn't think we'd make it, but about 8 hours and millions of gallons of rainwater later, we arrived home. While renting the trailer, I noticed two negelected snowmobiles and asked if they were for sale. After a little haggling, I dragged them home much the same way we did with the windows.

At the auction. Both of those are ours. Our front door That one is a casement
My new sleds at Superior Recreation Rental. I'll need a windshield, but I have a newly covered replacement seat. A giant windmill we saw on the way back from Osseo Nothing sits idle next to my shed like a Deere
These are 1980 models and were top of the line back then. Not that I'll ever test this, but I read that they can go about 70. Under the hood This one (non working) one was manufactured in October of 79, so it's 23 years old this month. The other is from July of 79.
This is the engine of the second sled. Nothing sits in pieces in a garbage bag like a Deere While we had the big trailer, we decided to get rid of the old couch that was in our shed and a bunch of other junk too. Now there's lots of room inside. Unfortunately, the snowmobiles won't fit through the door. :) Our windows and doors in our rented semi-trailer that will soon contain Emily's bus.
6' X 8' Casement. This is the only one that has any damage. The outside trim is cracked a little in the lower right corner. Interior door for either the bathroom or closet.
Double hung. This window is about 1 Ryan high

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