11/16/01 - Secret/Blackstone Trail

2001_1116_132640AA.JPG 2001_1116_132859AA.JPG 2001_1116_160229AA.JPG
Lucy napping Tater napping Christmas Card photo outtake. This was taken on the Secret/Blackstone trail off of Moose Lake Road.
2001_1116_160510AA.JPG 2001_1116_160901AA.JPG 2001_1116_161358AA.JPG
This is our 2001 Christmas photo Hey guys - the sun is going down... Another outtake
2001_1116_163654AA.JPG 2001_1116_163905AA.JPG 2001_1116_164642AA.JPG
Um, guys... It's getting kinda dark... See? The sun is setting. Darker still
2001_1116_164803AA.JPG 2001_1116_172235AA.JPG 2001_1116_172258AA.JPG
Okay, we've got to get out of here. It's getting really dark. I swear the trail should have gotten us back to the car by now. I think we made a wrong turn somewhere. If we just keep walking we'll eventually get to the car. Do you hear wolves?
Postscript: This is where Emily and Ryan met their demise and made a nice meal for some wolves. Moral: don't go out on a hike when it's getting dark.

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