12/4/01 - Bass Lake Hike

2001_1202_100932AA.JPG 2001_1203_162449AA.JPG 2001_1204_120845AA.JPG
Our tree A nice set of powerlines with a sunset behind them Tater tries to steal some treats
2001_1204_133053AA.JPG 2001_1204_133705AA.JPG 2001_1204_134406AA.JPG
A 10x10 toilet in the middle of a 5,000 acre toilet
2001_1204_135105AA.JPG 2001_1204_135244AA.JPG 2001_1204_135327AA.JPG
Dry Falls trail at Bass Lake. Despite the snow, it was near 50 today. Looking down on Bass Lake. Looking down on Bass Lake.
2001_1204_135948AA.JPG 2001_1204_140122AA.JPG 2001_1204_140320AA.JPG
Dry Falls. The water around the falls is open, but the rest of the lake is frozen. The dogs cross the bridge. Not pictured: troll. Looking over the falls.
2001_1204_140537AA.JPG 2001_1204_140726AA.JPG 2001_1204_140737AA.JPG
Lucy preparing for flight.
2001_1204_140747AA.JPG 2001_1204_141824AA.JPG 2001_1204_150033AA.JPG
Deer track. Both cats love to sit under the tree

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