2002_0201_142440AA.JPG 2002_0201_142618AA.JPG 2002_0201_143155AA.JPG
Angleworm Trail Garrett on our hike.
2002_0201_143933AA.JPG 2002_0201_144116AA.JPG 2002_0202_142409AA.JPG
Lucy emerges from the snow. This is one of the amateur sculptures. There are two classes. Amateurs get little cubes, and pros get giant ones.
2002_0202_142437AA.JPG 2002_0202_142637AA.JPG 2002_0202_142648AA.JPG
This is one of the giant ones.
2002_0202_142842AA.JPG 2002_0202_143423AA.JPG

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