Snow Sculptures and Secret/Blackstone

2002_0202_171455AA.JPG 2002_0205_130428AA.JPG 2002_0205_130510AA.JPG
Garrett and Lucy One of the more impressive snow sculptures.
2002_0205_130543AA.JPG 2002_0205_130632AA.JPG 2002_0205_130651AA.JPG
2002_0205_130733AA.JPG 2002_0205_130749AA.JPG 2002_0205_130822AA.JPG
2002_0205_130901AA.JPG 2002_0205_130929AA.JPG 2002_0205_131031AA.JPG
2002_0205_131125AA.JPG 2002_0205_131202AA.JPG 2002_0205_131238AA.JPG
2002_0205_131309AA.JPG 2002_0205_131502AA.JPG 2002_0205_131748AA.JPG
The sculpture outside of Piragis.
2002_0205_132108AA.JPG 2002_0206_160932AA.JPG 2002_0206_161529AA.JPG
A woodpecker at the Secret/Blackstone trail.
2002_0206_162643AA.JPG 2002_0206_163448AA.JPG 2002_0206_163653AA.JPG
We found this igloo on our hike. We could all fit inside very easily. In fact, I could lay flat with room to spare.
The aftermath of a deadly battle? It looks a bird possibly swooped down and grabbed something.

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