Late July - Early August 2003

2003-07-31_10-30-22.jpg 2003-07-31_11-12-50.jpg 2003-07-31_11-47-19.jpg
One of 13 remaining of over 200 original General Lees! KIT! Shawn and his dream car
2003-08-01_11-14-33.jpg 2003-08-01_09-30-10.jpg 2003-08-01_16-41-13.jpg
Shawn removing some seats from a junk Mustang Two nice 74 (?) JDX4s at the salvage yard where I got my new sled My new Liquifire painted like a Trailfire
2003-08-01_18-05-20.jpg 2003-08-01_18-40-23.jpg 2003-08-01_18-41-33.jpg
The guts - this will complete my old non-running sled Crystal Lake Chop Shop The cradle that my Dad made for our new baby
2003-08-06_21-09-46.jpg 2003-08-08_14-15-52.jpg 2003-08-08_18-19-23.jpg
My flying rodent friend who lives in the shed My shop Emily at Twin Lakes
2003-08-08_18-22-00.jpg 2003-08-11_09-58-37.jpg 2003-08-11_10-09-28.jpg
Foley - same place The old girl started up on the 5th pull after sitting for months in an improperly stored state (because of a neglectful owner :) ) The snowmobile trail
2003-08-11_20-42-08.jpg 2003-08-11_21-34-23.jpg 2003-08-11_22-55-20.jpg
We tie-dyed a bunch of baby clothes and T-shirts My dye stained fingers
2003-08-12_17-29-46.jpg 2003-08-13_14-41-14.jpg
The finished product (not pictured: T-shirts)

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