9/10 - 9/20/02

Chris's visit

2002_0912_103115AA.JPG 2002_0912_111927AA.JPG P9120017.JPG
Chris at the beginning of our trip down the Kawishiwi River The first set of rapids that we had to portage around Lunch - peanut butter and jelly on pita bread
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A cool spider web on a portage Ryan posing along the river Ryan and Chris at our campsite
2002_0912_185300AA.JPG 2002_0912_195437AA.JPG 2002_0913_062653AA.JPG
Sunset A mouse invaded our camp after sundown We got up at about 6:15 and paddled out in the river to catch the sunrise
2002_0913_062706AA.JPG P9130025.JPG 2002_0913_074132AA.JPG
It was covered with fog Ryan in a fog Some interesting pine cones
2002_0913_093858AA.JPG 2002_0920_141503AA.JPG 2002_0920_141603AA.JPG
Chris gambling with the dryness of his shoes On the way to Duluth to drop of Chris, we stopped at Gooseberry Falls State Park It's a really neat three level waterfall about 15 miles North of Two Harbors
2002_0920_142033AA.JPG 2002_0920_142048AA.JPG 2002_0920_142122AA.JPG
Emily Emily 2 The road in the distance is Hwy 61, made famous by the Bob Dylan song
2002_0920_142209AA.JPG 2002_0920_142337AA.JPG 2002_0920_142659AA.JPG
Emily 3
2002_0920_143812AA.JPG 2002_0920_144253AA.JPG 2002_0920_144522AA.JPG
Chris is a compulsive rock skipper
2002_0920_145014AA.JPG 2002_0920_150941AA.JPG
Flowing water A nice view of a river flowing into Lake Superior

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