It was a very crisp early Fall day - about 48 degrees - and we decided to take a trip out to our future (probably) land. We discovered lots of neat things, including many rough trails that are already in.

2002_0922_111452AA.JPG 2002_0922_111634AA.JPG 2002_0922_111650AA.JPG
Our future driveway Lucy on the driveway And Foley
2002_0922_111950AA.JPG 2002_0922_112641AA.JPG 2002_0922_113123AA.JPG
Some of the birch trees on the property
2002_0922_114212AA.JPG 2002_0922_114229AA.JPG 2002_0922_114258AA.JPG
The creek and marsh area. We'll own the ridge on the other side too. Toward Lake Vermilion The creek can be seen in this picture
2002_0922_114715AA.JPG 2002_0922_114751AA.JPG 2002_0922_115917AA.JPG
2002_0922_120020AA.JPG 2002_0922_121111AA.JPG 2002_0922_121858AA.JPG
A neat moss covered log The maples have begun to change color We took along our tree identification card (thanks Bev!) and identified red and white pine, beech, spruce, and maple trees.
2002_0922_124534AA.JPG 2002_0922_124552AA.JPG
Rice Bay of Lake Vermilion at the end of Mud Creek road Rice Bay again

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