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I'm ALWAYS interested in trading for low-gen, flawless CD-R copies of material by Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Cash, Henry Rollins, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Jane's Addiction, Cream, Primus, and Metallica.

I'm currently desperately seeking Johnny Cash audio and video. If you have any I don't have, I WILL trade with you!

Some basic trading rules: I only use good media (Kodak is my favorite) and expect the same in return. It's very easy to order them (see my links below), and if you find the right deal, they're cheaper than anything you can probably buy locally, so please do order some if you're serious about trading. If for some reason you really can't get any, I may still trade with you, though I'll use Verbatim discs. The one brand I absolutely won't accept is Memorex.
Please don't write on the discs. Use post-it notes on the sleeve - not the actual disc.
No 2 second gaps, pops, etc. - the usual. If you burn me a disc with flaws - I expect you to replace it or make up for it with blanks. I'll, of course, do the same for you.
I'm only trading CD-Rs currently, though I may accept videos from you for CD-Rs from me.

Use the search form at the left, or use the links below:

My CD-R List
My Video List
Everything I have

My analog list is incomplete and no longer updated. I only trade CD-R.

Coming soon:

Janes Addiction:
10-23-86 Pyramid Club Los Angeles, CA cd/SBD/A-
2-14-87 The Scream Los Angeles, CA cd/SBD/B+
12-19-90 The Palladium Hollywood, CA cd/SBD/A+
9-26-91 Honolulu, HI cd/SBD/A

Oysterhead (Les Claypool, Trey Anastasio, Stewart Copeland!):
5-4-00 Saenger Theatre New Orleans, LA 2cds/AUD/A-

1991 Tour cd/SBD/A
6-30-97 Roskilde Festival cd/FM/A

Simon and Garfunkel:
Back to College 11-11-68 Miami University Oxford, OH cd/SBD/A+

*Frank Zappa*:
6-24-73 Horden Pavilion Sydney, Australia 2cds/SBD/A
8-21-73 Skansen Stockholm, Sweden cd/FM/A

I wrote this software myself. I hope you like it. Feel free to write if you have any comments/suggestions or if you have PHP and MySQL installed on your server and would like to use it (you can have it for free).

-Ryan Quick

Here's some really nice guides for various bands that I trade for:
Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underground

Led Zeppelin - Underground Uprising

Led Zeppelin - Air Raid 2000

Led Zeppelin - Pressed Led

Led Zeppelin - Bootlegs Site

Led Zeppelin - Newly Discovered Audio

Led Zeppelin - Very complete list

Jimi Hendrix - Just Ask The Axis

Grateful Dead -

The Beatles -

Bob Dylan -

Bob Dylan - Field Recordings Guide

Pink Floyd - ROIO Database

Neil Young - Collector CDs

Neil Young - Hyperrust: Performances

Where to buy media (and jewel cases, etc.):

American Digital
CDRExpress - 200 Kodak Silver Ultimas for $69! (seems to be sold out right now)
Links to good CD-R deals

Where to find traders:
Resources for Tapers

Just awesome:

I don't care about cover art myself, but some people do, so here ya go:

Bootleg Cover Art Links