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Please have a quick look at my rules, and then you can e-mail me at the bottom of this page.

I'm ALWAYS interested in trading for low-gen, flawless CD-R copies of material by Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Cash, Henry Rollins, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Jane's Addiction, Cream, Primus, and Metallica.

I'm currently desperately seeking Johnny Cash audio and video. If you have any I don't have, I WILL trade with you!

I'm a pretty easy going guy to trade with. However, I've been screwed a lot lately with flawed discs. Probably 25% of the discs I've received in the past few months have been flawed. It's getting to the point where it's just not fun anymore. If you can't burn a perfect disc, or if your discs are already flawed, please don't bother me. I realize accidents happen and a bad disc here or there isn't a big deal, but I've done trades where every single disc I get from someone has major flaws. I hate to be a hard-ass about this, but I'm careful when I trade and I expect the same in return.

I have some basic trading rules:

I only use good media (Kodak is my favorite) and expect the same quality in return (Kodak, Mitsui, TDK Certs, etc). It's very easy to order them (see my links), and if you find the right deal, they're cheaper than anything you can probably buy locally, so please do order some if you're serious about trading. If for some reason you really can't get any, I may still trade with you, though I'll use Verbatim discs.

The one brand I absolutely won't accept is Memorex.

Please don't write on the discs. Use post-it notes on the sleeve - not the actual disc.

Please do not convert your old analog tapes to CD-R and pass them off as CD-R copies. If your shows are sourced from your own analog collection, or if you know they were transferred from a high-gen or unknown gen analog tape, please tell me.

Please only burn Disc At Once, not Track At Once. The discs I receive should have no silent 2 second gaps between the tracks. If your discs have them, please fix them before you burn my copy. Please also let me know. If the discs have gaps, I will ask for replacements.

No crackles, pops, etc. - the usual. If you burn me a disc with flaws - I expect you to replace it or make up for it with blanks. I'll, of course, do the same for you. If your discs have any such flaws and it's not mentioned on your list, please let me know about them before you start burning.

I'm only trading CD-Rs currently, though I may accept videos from you for CD-Rs from me.

If you send your list as an attachment, I can handle .docs but I'd much prefer txt, html, pdf - formats that everyone can use.

Why not spend a little time on your list and include source info, general quality ratings, and hopefully even the setlist? And for goodness sake, please list the dates and not just the boot title. If I had a disc for every hour I spent looking up setlists and quality info for bands I'm not experienced with, I'd have every single show played by every band, I swear. I'm not saying you need to go all out and have a searchable database like I do :), but at least a little info about each show would be nice.

I hate to have this long rule page, but I've been burned way way way too many times lately and it's really depressing. By clicking below, you are acknowledging that you have read my rules and agree. If you don't agree with something, let's talk about it. Also by clicking the below link, you are ceritifying that you are an experienced trader, and you know what you're doing. If you don't know what you're doing and are not a conscientious trader (you know who you are) I have no interest in trading with you.

E-mail me for a trade.