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John Deere Snowmobile specific sites
Joe & Matt's John Deere Snowmobiles - Lots of great info, and a fantastic message board.

Ryan, Reese's, and Ed's John Deere Snowmobiles - Also lots of great info including a Fire series manual

Andy's John Deere Snowmobiles

Tyler's John Deere Sleds

Snowmobile Info
rec.sport.snowmobiles - Search many years of postings relating to sleds.

alt.snowmobiles.old - Old sleds newsgroup.

My posts to rec.sport.snowmobiles

Vintage Sleds.com - Very cool site. Check out the sled in the "Rare Birds" section with a 351 Windsor!

Dennis Kirk - Huge selection and nice catalog. Very good site.

Central Snowmobile - Huge selection, free catalog.

Image Enterprises - Lots of parts, but pricey